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At Urgenci, we specialize in helping our clients take their talent process to the next level. Whether you have a seasoned recruiting staff or you’re just starting out, our team of professional recruiters will help you find that next great resource.

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Talent Acquisition

We can help elevate your talent acquisition process by identifying, attracting and hiring high-quality candidates. We deliver efficient and enjoyable experiences for your candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

Our scalable RPO solutions will allow you to fill positions faster, save time and reduce cost. Let us transform your talent acquisition process into a competitive advantage.



Our RaaS model ensures talent finds the right home. We build custom recruitment solutions to meet your talent needs because your company is growing quickly and you need the right candidates right now. We bring you unique talent, talent brings you success.

We believe all good results begin with nuanced and in depth research to identify and attract talent that specifically matches your needs, ensuring time and resources are maximized across the hiring process.

Dedicated Talent
& Research Team

A contract recruiter embedded in your organization provides continuity with your existing team without the hassle of a temporary solution.

Corporate Consultation

hands-off approach allowing business owners to focus on market growths our specialists handle the entire hiring process from engaging to signing talent.

Comprehensive Candidate Experience

We provide hands-on training to your team, enabling future company growth through efficient database management, sourcing techniques, and Urgenci best practices to handle the ebb and flow of workloads.

Recruitment Training & Best Practices

Technology Consulting & Delivery

Complex enterprise projects and programs are a critical part of your companies’ growth strategy. Your timely access to key resources, with unique skills and experiences, is critical. Not having them on your staff today, may be putting your project/program at risk. That is where we can help.


At Urgenci we can bring you that perfect candidate, whose skills and experience match your needs to fill that role. You don’t have to take the time and expense to hire and onboard a new employee. We can provide an experienced consultant that will start providing impact to your project/program immediately.

Business Systems & Strategy
Areas of Expertise
Application Development
Digital Experience & Mobile
Project & Delivery Leadership
IT Infrastructures
Cloud & ITSM
BI, Data & Analytics

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